Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Party Time!! And You're Invited

Ha! I bet I gotcha' with that title. Drew you right in didn't it? :) Just a little post today on the vintage party line. Everyone loves to attend a good party, from the food to the music, parties are a great time. One important feature can be the decorations since they can really set the mood for the party. They can liven up any party. I once was invited to a "tacky party"....... interpretation left up to the attendee. I made a platter of spam and cheese squares on vintage floral picks. They were a hit! Throwing a retro vintage party is a great way to celebrate a milestone party particularly for the big 40. Or how about a child that loves whistles and trains? Vintage party favors are the way to go. Remember the pink ballerinas from years past? What modern little girl of today wouldn't love a pink ballerina birthday cake. I recently was very lucky to run across a stash of "new old stock" party items, most in the original packages. Most of these can be found at or

What's not to love about pink? Particularly these vintage pleated crepe paper nut cups or my favorites, the waxed pink and white stripe baskets.

Check out this hostess Party Setting package. It says it's for the perfect hostess. It's a 40 piece ensemble that includes matches (love the fleur-de-lis design), coasters, napkins and drink stickers. This is from the 1960's. Absolutely love the Mod styling. What a great set to use at a lady's bridge or card party.

Perfect vintage charm.......whistles and pink ballerinas for the little ones.

How charming are these party toppers? Perfect for stacking cheeses and fruit or as cup cake toppers. The little red hatted ladies are spun cotton with hand painted features and have chenille arms.

And look at these adorable little pink bonnet girls. They are candle holders. Perfect cupcake toppers and keepsakes.

Life's a Party! Have fun!

Best Wishes, Lynn @ TheVintageNest


trash talk said...

Can you imagine handing out matches nowadays? Cute post..loved the vintage party goods! Debbie

Sandra said...

Very vintage:) Times have definitely changed, haven't they? Thanks for the pretty post!

Allidink said...

How neat! I think that is all so clever!

All the best,

Dapoppins said...

oh my goodness. I love a party!

The Tattered House said...

Great post!! Makes me waht to throw a party now!!! Reminds me of a box of vintage cake decorations I got for all occasions, including ballerinas, for $5 - immediately turned them over to The Tattered Baker (hubby)... Thanks for the memories - all of them...Sandy, The Tattered House

xinex said...

Love those paper cups or maybe they're not paper?...Christine

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What lovely vintage pretties. I even adore the old packaging. :-)

Joy said...

Fabulous post, Lynn! Love all the vintage party favors.