Friday, March 6, 2009

A Life in Yards

Happy Friday!

Thought I'd share a project from one of our friends
as we are constantly inspired by our customers.

Penny ran across this broken folding yard stick
that ended at 59" - just as she was turning 59.
She decided to turn it into a lifeline of sorts...
marking memorable moments over lifetime.

This ballerina above reminds her of her years as a dancer.

A lifelong French teacher,
she has a magic wand, which she hopes will bring
her back to Provence!

A dog bone reminds her of a loved pet.

The lifeline ends (for now) at 59 with a rocking chair
to ease her into the next adventures to come.

More about the artist:
I have always dabbled in art - painting, sewing, knitting, pastels, jewelry etc - but I think I have found my calling in collage. I just simply love to do it. A bunch of us here in Roanoke have an Altered Arts group that meets once a month to exchange ideas, trade bits and pieces of ephemera, and generally inspire each other. It's also great for the ego. Tricia Scott is part of the group and has had her work published several times in Somerset Studio magazine. She is really talented. I am jealous. Oh, well. I'll be in again soon, I suspect. I always have some sort of project that I am working on. Glad you liked my craziness. Penny

Thanks Penny for sharing your great idea!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

From your friends at
Black Dog Salvage

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Marie Reed said...

Cooooool word art! Very striking!

Marie Reed said...

PS. I think that your header is pure eyecabdyu! It is original and elegant all at once!

Joy said...

This is a wonderful piece!

Terri said...

This is such a neat story and piece of art!

Terri said...

i have a surprise for you on my blog..:)

Anonymous said...


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