Saturday, February 28, 2009

Repurposed Antique Ceiling Tin

we salvaged these fun antique ceiling tiles from a local building

they can be used for so many projects...
Olde Good Things has created a niche market
coverting them into mirrors
click here for their fabulous designs
our busy elves made them into
this fun console table

the design has a bit of an asian feel

with reclaimed wood brick pattern top
for the Ebay listings
click here
and here
Any other good ideas for ceiling tin?
I'd love to hear from you!
and... exciting news to share!
Black Dog Salvage is offering 25% off items
there's a small catch, but it's well worth it!
click here for the details...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Shed Antiques in Grapevine Saturday Sale Feb 28th!

Saturday Sale at the Red Shed is Back!
We hope everyone in Texas and the surrounding states will join us!
Feb 28th 8am – 3pm
Accessorize Your Nest!

You just can’t help it. You have been inside long enough! Break out of your shell and head to the Red Shed! It’s time to re-organize and re-accessorize your nest. This month you will find hundreds of clever and gorgeous containers and ideas to arrange and store everything precious to you. We have also filled the cottage with wonderful new finds to fluff and shine. You will see some of the most gorgeous treasures we have had in years!
White dining sets, fabulous crowns, if you look closely at the back of this picture you can see three different WONDERFUL iron beds. They will knock your socks off!
French tole sconces, dog prints and wonderful chippy white doors......
Terrariums and Cloches..........
Only the chic-est Easter Decor....... Velveteen Rabbits...and REAL nests and quail eggs..

Tons of unique lighting.........
How about a 25 Karat Gold plated chandelier? Rare ten light and dripping with crystals!
We will have 9 other chandeliers....
Wonderful desk Chandie.....made from several vintage lights....

Romantic glow of vintage lighting.......

Beautiful frames in every size and color.......

We have THE MOST FABULOUS French frame that is like NO OTHER you have ever seen! We are keeping it under wraps, but check back for follow up photos after the sale!
Here is a half round french wine bottle dryer. These are OH SO hard to find! I'm sure it will fly!

If you like the looks of this cabinet, we also have TRIPLE! Takes up an entire wall!

One of several amazing mirrors.......This is just a small, small taste of all of the wonderful treasures we have stored up for you. We will be spending the next two days (God willing and NO RAIN) Merchandising the Cottage, Shed, Arbors and Gardens of the Red Shed. Come early and we will see you there!
We will be adding photos to our website and blog over the next few days so please keep checking back.
The Red Shed
Cottage Chic Antiques
317 Church Street
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green Wednesday

Green bunny tails from Sunrise Seeds.

Recycled flowers from Flickr

Leslie Janson
Green Wednesday is a fun little tour of all things green or recycled. Please visit all these Blogs and leave a comment. If I missed you please leave a comment and I'll add you to green Wednesday. Thanks so much for joining.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greetings from The Tattered House

Good Morning Journal readers,
My name is Sandy, and Erika and I are the owners of The Tattered House Vintage Living, a cottage shop located in the heart of Roseville, California.
We specialize in vintage living home and garden decor - a blend french, american, swedish, cottage or coastal finds. We travel near and far to find our inventory to share with you....and soon, we hope you would do the same. Soon, we will be hosting our city's first Antique Market right in front of our shop on April 19th. While this isn't our first flea market, it will be our largest with over 50 vendors. We are excited to bring the best dealers we have found from the west coast to share their goodies with you. Please continue to check our site at us out for further details.
We hope you like what you see!!! thetatteredhouse thetatteredhouseblog

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

Spring into Spring with these darling vintage pillowcase dresses. Yes, ....... I know... lots of you are still knee deep in snow but I promise you Spring is on the way. :) I have been busy as a bee working in my studio on "new" old dresses for the little ones. Once slept upon, now these old pillow cases are adorable dresses. I search far and wide for old pillowcases that are in near perfect condition and feature beautiful hand embroidery and crochet laces. Each one I find I think "that is my favorite". I have made these sweet dresses as flower girl dresses, Christening dresses, birthday dresses and for special photos. The fun thing about these cuties are that they are sometimes called "grow with me" dresses, as once they become too short, they can be worn over pantaloons or jeans. Mine have adjustable tie ribbons at the shoulders and each one has a hand crocheted flower or vintage button and bow at the neckline. As each one is a one-of-a-kind they are sure to become heirloom pieces. Going green a pretty way. :)

xo Lynn @ TheVintageNest

Friday, February 20, 2009

Go Green Wednesday 25th

Vintage scraps

Leslie Janson

Marionberry Cottage

Counting Your Blessings

The Vintage Nest

Garden Antiques

Trash Talking - Digging

The Red Shed

Black Dog Salvage

Join the go Green party Wednesday 25th. Some team member Green stuff for sale. I think I need that rocket ship! Please see this link to join.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Vintage Means to Me

There is actually quite a debate on the web about the definition of vintage. It can be defined as anything that is outmoded. Others describe vintage items as once outmoded but now back in style. Still others say it means anything less than 100 years old (anything over is considered antique), while others say an item has to be more than 50 but less than 100 years old to be vintage. Aaack!

Well, as a lover of vintage things, I have my own definition. Vintage means more to me than just age. I define a vintage item as anything that is from the past that inspires feelings of nostalgia, familial connection, and/or creativity. Tada! That is my working definition for the day.

Now, the photos above and below are of a special vignette in my home that highlight several vintage (by my definition) pieces. They each inspire a memory and/or connection to a loved one. Let me tell you why...

The dresser: This dresser was picked up by my mother and grandmother at an estate sale when I was a child. They painted it green and gave it an antique finish. (They also did a bed to match.) This has served as my dresser throughout my entire lifetime. As I grew older, I decided I wanted to refinish the piece. My dad and I worked on the dresser together for hours. So many fond memories!

The jewelry box: The jewelry box was hand-crafted by my great uncle for my mother when she was a girl. She used it for many years and then passed it on to me. I cherish it greatly!

The lamp: Now the lamp is from the late 80s or early 90s. It was a Christmas gift from my grandfather on my dad's side. It was initially a grey-blue color with a brassy base and a pleated lampshade. At some point, it received a coat of creamy paint and a new lampshade from Target. Vintage? You decide!

The ballerina: The ballerina figure is actually an AVON cologne decanter. It is the last remaining piece of a collection that my grandmother started for me when I was young. I was never a dancer, but this piece was always beautiful to me in a feminine and elegant way.

The couples figures: These are not "old" by any means, but they are gifts from my husband and are very special to me. In that sense, they have a vintage feeling about them.

The mirror: The mirror is clearly vintage in age. I picked it up recently at an occasional sale in Carver, MN. It works perfectly in that spot!

So, what does vintage mean to you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everyday Elegance

Hey, y'all! It's Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad. Even a junky grrrl like me needs a daily reminder of the elegance of vintage, so I'm giving you a peak into my home. I know "elegance" may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of me or VRS, but I can't help myself. So, I don't fight it. Whenever I see interesting silver pieces (or silverplate—I'm not proud) with an interesting patina or shape, I snatch them up to repurpose for everyday use.

I use creamers and sugar bowls for toiletries. No need to hide them in the medicine chest anymore!

Creamers and candy dishes filled with tealights are great when entertaining. I fill them with sand, rice, pebbles, whatever suits the mood or season. Most of my bookgroup thinks I'm nuts, but I like to inject a little bit of vintage into everything.

But trays are my favorites! For a perennially disorganized grrrl, they serve as great catchalls for the coinage I'll need to buy MORE silver ...

... and rope in all the items I tend to misplace on a daily basis.

Mint julep cups hold all my pens in my home office. Pens are never elegant or pretty, but it makes me smile when I reach for one!

Keri, of Antique Therapy, generously allowed me to crib this photo which I've been drooling over for months. She plants cacti and ornamental cabbages in tureens and chafing dishes. How sweet are these??? You betcha I'm also cribbing this idea for my home.

As much as I love collecting silver (and NOT polishing it, like I had to as a child), I'm also a sucker for vintage muffin tins. I also have a lot of silver water pitchers filled with both fresh and dried flowers, and and various servers holding mail, etc. Now if only I could convince my beloved doggie to eat out of an elegant silver chafing dish. Do y'all have any more ideas for creative uses? I've got a lot of silver to repurpose. XOX