Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Great news for all you fans of Carolyn Westbrook Home! She has recently updated her website and the changes are fantastic. She has created an online magazine AND added a blog to her site. With all the magazines closing their doors, her timing couldn't be more perfect!Carolyn is well known for her sense of style and for staying ahead of trends and now she will be sharing that knowledge with us. She'll be keeping us up to date on colors, new lines, buying trips and providing a much needed place to just go look and dream.
I am so excited and pleased to be sharing this with y'all. Go fix yourself a cup of tea and drop in on Carolyn. She'll make you feel right at home.
(All photos courtesy of Carolyn Westbrook Home)


cindy said...

Huge fan of hers, so thanks for the info!


Margaret Cloud said...

Nice picture of you and your dog. Is that a picture or is it your bedroom, which ever way it is so beautiful.

Meg said...

I'm so not a fluffy girl (I have pink cottage in only one room, and it's pretty down played) but Oh! Is that bedroom amazing! Even a rustic anal decorator like me could be happy there!

Laura said...

I LOVE all your uses for your silver! It inspired me and I'm going to polish mine up and find some ways to use it. Thank you!