Friday, April 10, 2009

New York, New York


We don't really have a choice............................

We don't really have a choice to be vintage collectors or not. It's bigger than us! The Big Apple, my home sweet home for my '20s, has a special place in my heart of hearts.

So it makes sense that I didn't have any choice but to collect New York City vintage hankies within my "shall we say extensive "hankie and pennant collections.

I'm sharing a few of my favorites with you as miles of tulips poke their heads up the entire length of Park Avenue, as the flowering tree buds pop in Central Park, as the sun strengthens on the lions guarding the 42nd Street Library, and as joggers see the changing light along the Hudson River in the West Village.

Of course, I sew these into pillows, too. I made the round one above for my very best friend in the world, Elaine Frances. We met in Manhattan.

I custom sew these pillows and sell them in my Etsy store listed below. I've sold New York hankie pillows so several people who are homesick for Manhattan and living in Australia!

Enjoy your Spring, and your vintage collections, in your heart of hearts.

All my best to you!


P.S. I want to thank Denise for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful blog.


Counting Your Blessings said...

Neat post. My mom and aunts started a tradition several years ago... When we have our Christmas get-together, every family member signs about 20 different hankies. Then we all go home with a hankie signed by everyone that was there. I have a pile of them! I never thought I cared but it's kinda nice to take them out every now and then and remember that night or a loved one that has passed away. I know, it's a wierd tradition but... it's ours ;)

Blessigns... Polly

Debbi said...

I love your hanky collection. It makes it even more special that you are collecting ones from a place you love!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oh thanks Leslie you are so talented. Denise Elizabeth

kayellen said...

Have fun!

Happy Easter to you,


Meg said...

Those pillows are fantastic!