Thursday, October 23, 2008

Featured Shop ~The Little Pink Studio-Cerri~

Meet Cerri-

My name is Cerri Campbell and I am the owner of and I am also a wife and mother to two teenage daughters. I have a love of paper arts and mixed media artwork as well as a love of vintage ephemera. I wanted to be able to bring my designs, ideas, and love of collecting to other people so I created The Little Pink Studio. I am inspired by all things vintage, tattered and shabby bits of lace, old paper, beautiful handwriting, worn ruffles, soft faded colors. My favorite part of having the shop is searching for treasures to bring to the shop. I love finding new (or old) things that I think will inspire people to create something! I also love connecting with other creative people that I may not have ever “met” in any other way. I am always most inspired by vintage materials. I love items that have a past, a history. Faded millinery flowers, vintage wallpaper, the beautiful handwriting of days gone by, papers worn and yellowed with age, old book pages, vintage fabric, tattered and shabby lace, the soft muted colors that only come from age. I am a collector of many, many things! I love to collect dolls. I have a pretty large collection of vintage dolls, my favorites being the Nancy Ann dolls. I also collect vintage ephemera, and millinery flowers, old books, pretty containers, vintage fabric and lace, vintage cake decorations for my daughter and so many other things. Collecting, for me is a way of life!


G. Bloom said...

I love all the vintage item! Wow is that your studio? Very cute stuff!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

So many cute things in this post! I too collect a lot of things like you do. What a pretty room too.

erin said...

These photos are absolutely delicious! I love the picture of what I assume is your studio. I hope to have one that someday looks like that! Very inspiring! Thank you!
Erin :)

CC said...

Your studio is simply wonderful.. I want one just like it. xx

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your little suitcase! I have a few vintage I know what I want to do with them!! Thanks for the inspiration!