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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Shed Antiques "Stop & Smell the Roses" Saturday Sale Grapevine TX April 18th 8AM

If you are anywhere near North Texas this weekend, do not miss the Red Shed "Stop & Smell the Roses" Sale! The last couple of weeks we have been shopping around the country, from the Rosebowl Flea Market in California, to the famed fields of Round Top and Warrenton, to the amazing architectural salvage shops of Arkansas to bring you that brightest and best of Reinvented Vintage Decor.
The Red Shed Gardens are FILLED with fabulous, beautiful Roses of every color. You will literally be able to smell the Roses that will be pouring into our wonderful "Garden Antiques Room". Maybe you can sneak in a nap in our ethereal "Float on a Cloud Bedroom", or grab a snack in the amazingly chic, shabby "Divine Dining Room".
A few of the unique treasures we will be featuring include huge foundry forms in various initials, a wonderful head from an old french fresco, a 10 foot tall "Cut & Curl" vintage shop sign, an extraodinary flower cart, a victorian "Magnolia Pearl" style upholstered table, several multi-drawer cabinets, and lots of architectural iron. We have several fabulous iron and wood beds, many new dining sets, occasional tables, accent chairs, chandeliers, lamps, and many, many wonderful small items, including our exclusive Red Shed Original Jewelry, that will make you feel happy without spending a lot of money.
Remember, at the Red Shed, it's not about the shopping, it's about the Experience! The line starts forming Saturday at 745A, but no shopping till 8! We look forward to seeing you.
***The Red Shed will be closed April 13 - 17th as we restock. redecorate, and reinvent to get ready for this Sale!
Roses clipped from the Red Shed Gardens this weekend....

From the garden, into the house.....

And the rose theme will continue through out the Red Shed........

I bet this fabulous flower cart will be covered in color........
Just a few, few, few of the fabulous finds that will await you....Intial Foundry Forms from Kansas. These were salvaged from a foundry that made metal signs. The initials are raised on one side and concave on the other. Some of them are HUGE and because they are so thick, they weigh a ton! This is the before photo..........
Now they are all painted white and antiqued..The large ones would make fabulous coffee tables!Wonderful shabby fabulous dining table with two carved legs on each corner...
Spectacular carved chairs..........
Wonderful day bed..........And much, much, more. ....

Join us Saturday, or join us on our blog to follow our shopping and selling antics!
Have a great weekend and let's all pray for NO RAIN!!

Our next Saturday Sale will be June 27th, when we return from our Paris Flea Market Shopping Trip. Theme will be "French Market"

The Red Shed
317 Church St.
Grapevine, TX 76051 817-310-6006

Friday, April 10, 2009

New York, New York


We don't really have a choice............................

We don't really have a choice to be vintage collectors or not. It's bigger than us! The Big Apple, my home sweet home for my '20s, has a special place in my heart of hearts.

So it makes sense that I didn't have any choice but to collect New York City vintage hankies within my "shall we say extensive "hankie and pennant collections.

I'm sharing a few of my favorites with you as miles of tulips poke their heads up the entire length of Park Avenue, as the flowering tree buds pop in Central Park, as the sun strengthens on the lions guarding the 42nd Street Library, and as joggers see the changing light along the Hudson River in the West Village.

Of course, I sew these into pillows, too. I made the round one above for my very best friend in the world, Elaine Frances. We met in Manhattan.

I custom sew these pillows and sell them in my Etsy store listed below. I've sold New York hankie pillows so several people who are homesick for Manhattan and living in Australia!

Enjoy your Spring, and your vintage collections, in your heart of hearts.

All my best to you!


P.S. I want to thank Denise for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Potted Gardens cottage style!

As an avid container and cottage gardener, I am always on the hunt for something unusual to plant in besides a run of the mill plastic or clay pot! Below are some interesting and fun container gardens I have created in the past. As you can see you can plant in almost anything except gas cans. I have even planted in cowboy boots and tennis shoes. Your imagination is your only limit to the creative reuses for many container gardens!

Enamel roasting pan overflowing with marigolds--I added a little toy shovel accent

Metal canisters are perfect for narrow places where you need a splash of color

And the stand by metal watering can, overflows with blue lobelia.
(I slid in a gallon size plastic pot inside the watering can)

An old wicker purse lined with plastic was perfect
for bacopa and varigated geraniums

An old rocking chair placed in the garden~the pink
fairy rose loved to spread its wings here!

Old enamel refrigerator drawer is perfect for herbs

Toy rocking horse repainted hosts a basket of yellow marigolds.

I hope I have tickled your imagination for this years potted plants, as I enjoyed sharing it with you too. Visit me at my website Marionberry Cottage to see my other passion, textile art and my love of pink roses too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A big thanks to the ladies!

It's been an honor and a pleasure being apart of the vintage journal blog. I want to thank all of you for the great posts and all the kind comments you've given. The Vintage Journal will have a new multi-talented leader Polly Hood of Counting your Blessings & The French Cupboard.

~Denise Elizabeth~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Much Junk in the Trunk!

OK... So you can never have too much junk- I was just fishing for a good title to capture your attention! As any Antiqueaholic will tell you, there is always room in the trunk (or on top of the car, or in the floor boards - You get the picture)...
I thought I'd share some of the items I purchased on Saturday at the Raleigh Flea Market. This flea is open EVERY weekend (except a few weeks during the N.C. State Fair). It's a great market and I never leave empty handy (please refer to that Antiqueaholic prior comment). Every Saturday and Sunday from early light to 5 pm or so, vendors display their wares in hopes of ensnaring innocent bystanders:)Two of my favorite vendors were there - These specific dealers only come a couple times a year so they always have fresh, new stock to plunder in. The miniature soda cans, life savers, and chewing gum are going to be made into some funky jewelry and the N is for a little project - And because my last name is Newton. The case that all of this is displayed in was another fabulous purchase- The green velvet is to die for! I got the daguerreotype for a steal ($12) and it's also in a wonderful velvet case. If you look closely you can also see the small jewelry case that I just couldn't resist. The sparkly seed beads will be used for tiny crafty art work ... Last, but certainly not least, is the lovely cherub wall hanging... The piece is European but not terribly old - Nevertheless, it strikes a cord with me for its vintage patina and sweet expression.

So, I hope I've clued you in on one of the best flea markets in the South. It has a section JUST FOR OLD STUFF so no worry about wholesale tube socks or $1 junk boxes - Unless that's your thing... If so, there's plenty of that further along in the fairgrounds standard vendors.

Have a great week and don't forget to stop by sometime in N.C.! (or visit Flotsam & Jetsam for more antiquing and junking forays)...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Junking Heaven in Warrenton & Round Top

You've read about it, dreamed about it, and quite possibly considered quitting your job for it. Oh yeah, it's time. You NEED to get your junky derriere to Warrenton/Round Top!

If you're like me, your lust for rusty, musty, and dusty is hardly shared by anyone in your life. The only cure, my dears, is to immerse yourself in the wonders of Warrenton/Round Top Antique "Week" (which actually lasts anywhere from 10-21 days, depending on the vendors).

The first time I went was in Spring '07. I'd been junking for a few years, occasionally selling at the DC Big Flea, but had just taken the plunge and rented a booth in an antique store. I've blogged about it extensively, but the first time, I went for the latter half of the event. You will NEVER believe how large this is! It took me 3 DAYS just to cover the first town!

This time, I went on the early end; I feared that p'haps I was too early, that not all the vendors were there, or that they were saving their "good stuff" for the hard-core week, or *gasp* that the economy would've put its patented damper on the event. Silly me. Feast your eyes:

Be still my heart! I must've circled this garden shelf and giant clockface 12X before realizing there was no way it would fit in an overheard compartment.

Now I know why I have NEVER found a loving cup/trophy in my whole life. Apparently this vendor has them all. Be advised that the teensiest, cheapest one in this display was $70.

These garden pieces with burlap, lace, and tone-on-tone are so calming to me. I felt like I was swimming in a big ole caramel sundae. I am sooo cribbing this idea. 

Everywhere you turn, you will be inspired by displays that are unimaginably jaw-dropping.

This is a major event; you'll find everything from T2T, hoarded ephemera, salvage, mid-century, linens, girliest of girliest, and I hear tell there's some fine antiques sprinkled in there, but pishposh—who really cares about that?

My true confession is that both times, I have NOT gone to the Marburger show (the big one in Round Top that you've read about in Country Living/Country Home). First of all, that's where a lot of the high-end stuff is, and I've heard the prices are high. Also, it costs something like $25 to get in (but that's good for the entire show). Believe you me, there's plenty o' going around in the fields that you won't even miss the schmancy shows.

Wear your wellies or boots, and be prepared for 3+ days of port-a-potties. You'll be shopping in FIELDS, but you'll be among compadres (or is it com-madres, given that this is estrogen-heavy?). There's plenty of good TX food to be had, and every single vendor will be offering a cold quaff by the end of the day.

If you've been tormenting yourself, I urge you to go. For me, it's the ultimate high. I feel like ME there, and it's true junking heaven. See you in October? XOX